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Last October two lucky winners in Benaldmadena and San Feliú de Llobregat (Barcelona) where happy to share a handsome win of €1’680’770 from the Spanish national La Primitiva lottery. They both had tickets that matched the winning numbers 7, 11, 16, 31, 41 and 42, giving them both a prize of €840,385. Two other punters from Santa Coloma de Gramanet (Barcelona) and Finestrat (Alicante) with tickets for the La Primitiva lottery also got lucky that day, cashing in a prize of €126,057 each. For players that are aiming at the jackpot, the odds are 1 in 13,983,816.

How to play La Primitiva

La Primitiva lottery tickets consist of two grids. The first grid is where you choose your main numbers between 1 and 54, and in the second grid you put your key number between 1 and 9. Winners of the La Primitiva jackpot have managed to find the right number sequence, including all six numbers. Tickets are for sale from Monday to Saturday all over Spain at a price of €1.50 per grid, and it is also possible to buy tickets online. Each ticket can hold up to eleven numbers in the first grid.

This is the world’s oldest lottery, with over 250 years of activity. La Primitiva offers several prize tiers, and the minimum pot for each draw is €3’000’000. With a progressive jackpot, the unclaimed prize pools are carried forward, resulting in a larger jackpot each week until it is claimed by one very lucky winner. This can result in truly extreme jackpots, and the Spanish lottery broke all records when it reached €101.7 million after 56 rollovers in October 2015. How many shared the jackpot, you wonder? The entire sum went to one single player.

Lots of Winning Opportunities

La Primitiva offers prizes in five different divisions. The jackpot goes to the players who have a 6-number match, and currently the jackpot is up at €38,2 million, steadily rising. The second prize tier is open to players who get a 5+1 match. Level three rewards € 6,288.64 to those who get five numbers right, level four is for those who manage to match 4 numbers, which results in a win of € 107.93. You even get a €8 prize for matching just three numbers.

La Primitiva’s Record Jackpots

Over the years there have been some incredible payouts from this lottery. In 2005 a jackpot of €24.92 million jackpot was delivered to a lucky winner, followed by €26 million a couple of years later. Coming closer to current date, a handsome amount of €32 million was paid out in 2013, and in February 2014 a lucky winner was rewarded with €73 million, just in time for Valentine’s Day!  The insane record-breaking jackpot of €101.7 million was grabbed by a single player in October 2015, so now we are really curious to see what the next huge win is going to look like. As you know, the sky is the limit.

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