Scottish EuroMillions Player Misses out on £1 Million Prize

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Imagine you’ve just won the lottery. The elation. The joy. You start thinking about all the ways that you can spend your money. You might even phone up your parents to share in your joy, or your boss, to quit your job and declare your undying hatred. It’s a great time, and a moment that you will remember forever.

But one lottery winner from Scotland missed out on all of that, and most importantly, they also missed out on the life-changing sum that was waiting for them.

In May 2018 it was announced that the winner of a November 2017 Million Maker draw had not come forward to collect their prize before the 180 day deadline. As a result, the £1 million prize that had been waiting for them—as well as all of the interest accrued over the 180 days—was passed onto a charity.

The Search for a Dundee Millionaire

The internet has made it easy for millions of lottery players to buy and store their tickets. It also makes it easy for them to collect their prize, because even if they forget their numbers and don’t log into their account, the lottery organisers still know who they are and still have plenty of ways of contacting them.

When a ticket is purchased over the counter, however, it's a different story entirely, and that’s what happened in this case. Lottery organisers tried their best to find the ticket holder, tracing them down to Dundee, but that merely narrows the field down to 148,000 people. It was a proverbial needle in a haystack, and despite their best efforts, they failed.

We can only speculate as to what might have happened to this ticket holder. If they had lost the ticket there may still have been something the organisers could have done, so you would have still expected them to come forward. That leaves us to conclude that they either forgot about buying the ticket, or they passed away before the draw.

We hope it’s the former, because this story is tragic enough as it is.

Not the First Time

This is not the first time that a significant lottery win has gone unclaimed. In fact, back in 2006 a jackpot of nearly £10 million went unclaimed, much to the disbelief and envy of millions of lottery players everywhere.

The National Lottery ticket was purchased in the city of Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Said to be one of the poorest areas of the United Kingdom, it’s fair to assume that this ticket could have drastically improved the fortunes of one individual or family, but despite the winning numbers being drawn on July 6 2005, and despite Camelot’s best efforts, the winners still hadn’t been found by January 2 2006.

The same happened with a EuroMillions ticket in 2012, at which point an eye-watering £64 million went unclaimed from a ticket purchased in Hertfordshire. According to official statistics from the National Lottery, over £75 million in prizes goes unclaimed every year, with the money then used to fund good causes.

So, make sure you keep your ticket close and your numbers committed to memory. Don’t let a memory lapse or a lost ticket cost you a fortune.

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