What is the easiest way to beat the casino

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Lotto-vm.com User 1:

The only way to beat the casino is to not put any money in their machines, or on their tables. Go eat their food at their restaurants (Circus-Circus all you can eat breakfasts used to be $1.99, sometimes lobster all you can eat dinners at some of them for $10). The only way to beat them is to not lose a penny to them. They will win if you gamble there. You may win your first visit. They even give you free money to start. It’s a trap. Winning is the number 1 worst thing that can happen to some people. It shows it’s possible. It can happen. Next time, maybe. Maybe, next time after that…nope.

You can win every time you walk in like I did. Only once, though, did I walk out ahead. I went there to try and win enough to pay my electric bill because I was due to be shut off and I’d already lost all my bill-paying money, along with money from mom, along with roommate’s share of the bill, along with pawn shop money, all lost... I had $20 and needed $200 to not get shut off. Somehow I won and left and drove to the PG&E office 15 minutes before they closed. Unfortunately, that also showed me that it was possible and every other time I had that $20 I lost it and then I could not even eat, or have gas to get to work. If you go there and think I’ll just bring a little bit that i can afford to lose, they win. Everyone wants to hear from someone that there’s a system you can use or a rule of thumb that will net you to win in the long run. The only way to win is to not give them ANY of your money. THAT is ALL they WANT. It’s a BAD place. For me, it’s a bad place. I finally know that. It’s been over 5 years since I walked in their doors. You may see my truck at a pawn shop now and then. It’s because I have money, and choices, and I’m looking to buy some cheaply priced tools for jobs or projects. Choices are what you can win by not giving them your money. Give them your money and you lose your choices.

Lotto-vm.com User 2:

If there was really an easy way to beat Casinos, then they wouldn’t exist. Sure, there will be times when people get “lucky”, some may even win BIG. But “over-all” (long-term) most everyone will lose when playing in a casino. Because all the games are “set” to give the casino the “advantage” - hence the “odds” are against the players.

So why do people still play at casinos??? They same reason people play the Lotto - with odds sooooo off-the-wall ridiculous, that they have a way way better chance of getting into a car accident on their way to go buy the Lotto tickets!!!

And for those few “pro” players who have special talents and know how to beat casinos - they simply get “banned”, because they’re diminishing the casino’s profits.

So if you decide to give it a try, you’re gonna need “luck” to win. That’s why they call it “gambling”. ;-)

Lotto-vm.com User 3:

It depends on what you’re good at.

If you are a good actor with a shrewd eye for loopholes, the easiest way is to exploit loyalty programs. It's much harder than it was twenty years ago, because now they track how much you lose rather than how long you play at what stakes; and they know if you cash in airline tickets. Still, with some ingenuity, chutzpah and flexible honesty, you can come out ahead.

If you are patient and careful, you can win consistently at Blackjack. Contrary to popular conception, it takes no math ability, no memory (you only need to remember one number, which takes attention, not memory, plus some simple rules a normal person can memorize in half an hour). If you want to make a living at it you'll face some issues with countermeasures, but if you just want to pay for your vacation and take home a little spending money, you'll be fine if you're smart and careful. It's work, however, not play, and there is significant volatility. Most people who try, fail.

Roulette is easily beatable with electronic aids, but they are illegal. Still, with smartphone devices it's hard to get caught, as long as you don't win too much. It takes less patience than Blackjack and there's less volatility, but you need the right equipment, and an outlaw mentality.

If you're a quant who likes data analysis of any flavor, sports betting is not hard to beat.

If you decide to make a living at it, one of the easiest ways is to look for or negotiate promotions. Casinos will offer games with miscalculated odds, or make special offers (like refunding half your losses, or jackpot payouts) that tilt things to a clever bettor’s advantage. There are even occasional slot machines with positive expectation. You need to be willing to track lots of casinos and chase ones that offer too much, because they soon figure it out. If this is your interest, you absolutely need to get hold of “Beyond Counting,” by James Grosjean, the great advantage gambler.

I get annoyed when people say you can't beat casinos. It's true very few people do, but not because it's hard or because the methods are secret. Coming up with new ways takes special talent, but using published ways does not.

Some of the pessimists may just be trying to keep foolish people from losing money, people without the patience, discipline and judgment to win. But some of them just want to believe that individuals are helpless—”you can't beat the house,” “you can't fight city hall,” “you can't beat the system,” “the big guys always win.” None of those things are true, and if I believed them I'd go off and be a hermit somewhere.

You can do amazing things if you put your brain and heart into it. Beating casinos may not be as romantic as changing the world, but it's better than losing to casinos, or being afraid to try.

Lotto-vm.com User 4:

Many players think Casino is all about luck, well it’s actually not. The matter-of-fact-is a little bit of luck and some smart moves, you can surely beat the casino. Two of the casino games that may not be quite an easy bet, but the possibility to beat is there is Blackjack and Roulette. While Blackjack is all about faster card counting that a player can learn and sharpen the skills with few days practise, Roulette is all about your prediction techniques.

Bet4Plus is a website that offers players to register for free and enjoy the game of casino online anytime and anywhere. Your personal details are safe with Bet4Plus. Players can find many different 3D games, Table games, a huge variety of Slot games, and even Live games including Blackjack and Roulette, with Baccarat.

Lotto-vm.com User 5:

These are some of the tips to win the casino game.For more detail visit.


Most casino games are played according to odds.

For example, the house knows it will win € 1 each time € 100 have been wagered on a game whose payout rate rises to 99%.

According to the same logic, slot machines are configured to pay players a specific percentage of all bets involved.

On a machine whose payout rate is set at 98%, it will pay players € 98 each time it takes € 100 bets.

On a machine with a payout rate of 85%, it will pay players only € 85 each time it takes 100.

Keep in mind that slot machines are governed by random number generators that are designed to give an advantage to the home over their lifetime.

This is not a 'problem' exclusively related to slot machines as it also applies to all casino games where odds come into play. The first thing players should pay attention to is at the redistribution rate of a machine.

Its average must oscillate between 90 and 97%.

The higher the percentage, the more it works in your favor. It's all about variance.

When playing online, try to find out about the payout rate of the machines and stick to the most favorable machines.

Lotto-vm.com User 6:

We are aware about the fact that the house always wins in gambling. How ever there are some ways we can beat the odds – some of which are actually perfectly legal. I have mentioned few ways you can beat the casino:

1. Identify the clumsiest dealers

If you play online casino game like black jack then you will have to keep an eye for the sloppy blackjack dealer who will accidently flash the face-down card. If you happen to find one of them, you might have a 1.5 percentage advantage in the games.

2. Focus on the prize

Lately, casino games have spiced up their table games with bikini-clad dealers to diver the player’s mind. You need to stay focused on your game. These are all strategies to divert your mind. While all those twirling legs and skin keep you distracted, you’ll probable not notice casinos trimming your payouts.

3. Know when to stop

Another important factor is you need to know when to stop playing. For instance: the house always enjoys a 5% edge at roulette. You have a decent chance of winning first spin and the second and the third. But if you were to play roulette forever, the house would take away all your chips.

4. Practice makes perfect

In order to have an edge against the online casino you will have to have a great knowledge about the game you want to play. After you know every possible thing about the game you will have to have a habit of playing the game. Casinos/ Online casinos make profits on video poker because most players simply aren’t skilled enough. So, study up and practice.

Lotto-vm.com User 7:

Martingale. Check out this book, it explains almost everything about it. The Martingale - Kindle edition.

Martingale is a well-known money management strategy. Gambling has changed since it became so popular, so the usage of the system should change too. This book contains important binary options strategies, forex strategies, blackjack strategy and roulette awareness. The book also shows some weaknesses in the casino and financial markets. It analysis the psychology and philosophy of the human's mind. Shows solutions in trading and is simple and understandable by anyone. Contains clear examples and explains why no one can remain profitable in the casino without having the correct money management strategy (like Martingale). Why it works for some people and for others not. All this and much more short and straightforward said.

Lotto-vm.com User 8:

The easiest way to beat a casino is to take advantage of all their fringe benefits designed to attract and retain gamblers, without gambling yourself.

Gambling wise, the easiest way is to play big and leave as soon as you're up.

No roulette though!

Play a table game that allows you to increase your initial bet once you gain an advantage. Like doubling down or splitting in blackjack, or taking/laying odds in craps.

There's a great scene in ‘Swingers' where John Favreau and Vince Vaughn drive to Vegas from LA on a whim. Favreau has $300 for the whole trip and mistakenly sits down at a $100 per hand blackjack table. He's too embarrassed to leave when he finds out, so he goes for it with Vaughn coaching him and of course, on the first hand, Vaughn calls for a double down! It's funny because Favraeu goes from betting an uncomfortable amount of money, to betting twice as much, within 90 seconds of playing his first game!

There's something about the feeling of having more than you can afford to lose at risk. It's intoxicating.

Vegas baby!

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