UK National Lottery Results for Saturday 30th of June 2018

UK National Lottery
Saturday 30th of June 2018
  • 6
  • 28
  • 32
  • 45
  • 46
  • 49
  • 50

Prize Breakdown

    • Match
    • Prize money
    • Winners
    • Winning odds
    • 6
    • €No winner
    • --
    • 1:45 057 474
    • 5 + 1
    • €39 899.26
    • --
    • 1:7 509 579
    • 5
    • €1 119.41
    • --
    • 1:144 415
    • 4
    • €116.58
    • --
    • 1:2 180
    • 3
    • €28.30
    • --
    • 1:97
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How to Check Lotto Results

Who would have thought that when the UK National Lottery was introduced back in November 1994, that it would still be going as strong as it is today?
Like many other lotteries around the world, the UK National Lottery has its knockers but even the most ardent critics will appreciate the enormous amount of funds that have been raised for charities from the sale of the lottery tickets.
Perhaps the biggest controversy with the National Lottery was in October 2015 when Camelot decided to increase the number of balls from 49 to 59, thus raising the odds for any of the larger wins dramatically.
The lottery draw is now a feature of Saturday nights for families across the length and breadth of the country and the seemingly never ending stories of people who have won the jackpot in the tabloid press means that the quote, ‘It could be you’ is on every players mind.
It should be noted that Camelot have since rebranded the UK National Lottery and it is now simply known as Lotto!

How to play the UK National Lottery
Compared with some of the other lotteries that take place around the world, the UK National Lottery is very easy to play and the rules are remarkably straightforward when you consider the vast amounts of money that can be won.
The numbered balls consist of numbers 1 to 59 and the player simply has to choose 6 numbers.
For those players who doesn’t rely on family birthdays etc for the number choices, the lucky dip option will choose six random numbers for them.
The cost of a National Lottery ticket is £2

Draw time of UK National Lottery
The draw times of the lotto are Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8.30pm.
From the outset of the National Lottery, the Saturday draw was always made live on the BBC but the draw has now moved to ITV but can be viewed live on the National Lottery YouTube channel.

UK National Lottery Odds of winning
The odds of winning the UK National Lottery are as follows
2 correct numbers – 1:10.3
3 correct numbers – 1:97
4 correct numbers – 1:2180
5 correct numbers – 1:144,415
5 correct numbers plus bonus ball – 1:7,509,579
6 correct numbers – 1:45,057,474

How to check the results
If you live in the UK, you can view National Lottery results on the live YouTube channel as well as the televised draw.
The results can also be found in the national press but if you are a regular National Lottery player you really should consider Googling the UK National Lottery website because everything that you will ever need to know about the lottery can be found there.
There are details about rollovers etc and you can also open an account and purchase lottery tickets directly from there, as well as play instant games such as the scratch cards which you would usually find for sale at your usual lottery ticket outlet.
There is also a superb app which can be downloaded to your mobile where you will be able to check all the results shortly after the draws have taken place.