Austrian Players Scoops Rare Jackpot Win of €45.5 Million

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In May 2018 a EuroMillions player became the first jackpot winner since an anonymous British winner scooped nearly €140 Million in the final week of April. This spring-time winner didn’t receive quite as much of a windfall, but they will be happy with their €45.5 million nonetheless and this win also makes them one of the few EuroMillions jackpot winners to come from Austria.

How They Win

The draw that changed this Austrian player’s life took place on the 8th of May in the Tuesday draw. The jackpot winner was able to land the main numbers 17, 25, 35, 39 and 44, with the lucky stars 2 and 5 to pocket this colossal jackpot.

And their luck was clearly in, because the structure of the EuroMillions price pool means that if they had matched just 1 and not 2 lucky stars then they would have walked away with a little over €250,000, enough to buy a comfortable family home in Austria, and if they had missed both of the lucky stars then they would have won just €27,000, which is barely enough for a brand new car.

As it happens, they got them all and walked away with enough money to make them one of the richest people in their home nation.

A Rare Austrian Winner

Regular followers of the EuroMillions will have noticed that not many winners come from Austria. In fact, this particular player became only the 15th Austrian to scoop the big prize and while that sounds like a lot, it’s a fraction of the 87 jackpot tickets won by players in France and the 85 by players in Spain.

In fact, Austria accounts for fewer than 4% of the total EuroMillions jackpot tickets, while Spain, France and the UK combined account for nearly three-thirds of all winners, despite there being a total of 9 participating countries.

The conspiracy theorists will happily pick these numbers apart and use them to suggest that there is a clear favouritism going on. But there is something much simpler and considerably less sinister going on here.

It’s a numbers game. Take the UK for example. Not only is gambling more integrated into the culture of the country than it is in Austria, leading to more players and more tickets per player, but it has a population of 65 million, which dwarfs the nearly 9 million found in Austria.

Still, those 9 million people have been able to enjoy a combined €1.5 billion since the EuroMillions began, which is more than the €1.1 billion won by players in Ireland and significantly more than players in Luxembourg.

The Least Fortunate Countries

If we focus on the countries that win the smallest amounts and have the fewest tickets, then Austria are considerably luckier than you might think. They have had 3 more jackpot winners than Ireland, who seem to love gambling as much as the UK does, and 13 more winners than Luxembourg, who have accounted for just 1 in every 200 jackpot winners since the EuroMillions first began.

If you want to focus your attentions on a country that seems to be luckier than most, then take a look at France. They have country-specific prizes that have been won by over 47 million people (to put this into perspective, Belgium are in second with 1.1 million country-specific prize winners) and they have had more jackpot winners and second-tier winners than any other country, despite having far fewer winners of the smallest prize than the UK.

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