Prize Breakdown

    • Match
    • Prize money
    • Winners
    • Winning odds
    • 6
    • No winner
    • --
    • 1:20 358 520
    • 5
    • €1 468.92
    • --
    • 1:73 763
    • 4
    • €48.01
    • --
    • 1:1 311
    • 3
    • €4.29
    • --
    • 1:67

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How to Check Lotto Results

When compared with lotto’s such as the National Lottery, the Illinois Lotto could be regarded as something of an old timer as it has been in existence since 1974.
In the US, there are 44 lottery jurisdictions who have been granted authority to participate in the Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries, Illinois being one of them.
The Illinois Lottery is well run and purchasing tickets for the weekly draws has become something of a tradition amongst the people of Illinois, but that is of little wonder when you take into consideration that the jackpot starts at $12 million.

How to play the Lotto
There are a total of fifty-two numbers available and six numbers have to be picked, but as each ticket consists of two entries, players have to choose two lots of six numbers.
The Illinois Lotto draw is extremely straight forward as there is no bonus ball or anything like that to worry about, only the two entries of six numbers.
Some players will argue that they would prefer some kind of bonus ball such as the Cash4life draw, as there is always the hope that even a small win can be salvaged from an otherwise set of losing numbers, but the Illinois Lotto is very much a case of what you see is what you get, two goes at choosing six correct numbers.
The cost of an Illinois Lotto ticket is $2 but don’t forget that, each ticket counts for two entries.

Draw time of lotto
The Illinois Lotto takes place at 9pm (local time) on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights with a common observation that the Monday night draw offers some hope to players that they will be able to claim a lotto win at the start of the week and therefore be able to take not only the rest of the week off but also be able to give their boss the old ‘heave ho’

Odds of winning
The odds of winning the Illinois Lotto are about as straightforward as it is possible to get because of the absence of any kind of bonus ball, three numbers and upwards and you will win a prize.
3 correct numbers – 1:67
4 correct numbers – 1:1 311
5 correct numbers – 1:73 763
6 correct numbers – 1:20 358 520

How to check the results
If you carry out a Google search you will be greeted by a multitude of websites which list the Illinois Lotto results quite literally a few minutes after the draw has taken place.
The official Illinois Lotto website is another great resource for all things lotto related and as well as having details about every draw that is taking place, any rollover news etc is also listed.
A nice touch regarding the website is the statement at the top of the page, ‘Anything’s Possible’
Just like the UK’s, ‘It could be you’, just those few words are enough to generate a great deal of excitement about what actually would be possible if you are the lucky person to win the Illinois Lotto.